Outperforms in ‘Junker Fastener Vibration’ Test

Testing is performed against industry standards and current leaders in the market for anti-vibration fasteners. Many products vary the test parameters that allow for favorable test results. Ferrule-Lock has modeled our testing around the industry recognized Junker Fastener Vibration test. Using that as a baseline, we also can vary the amplitude, Hz, and cycles to provide results under a variety of vibration parameters.

Ferrule-Lock holds tight while others fail


In Graph 1 we tested the ¼ -20 Thread size under severe vibration for 3000 cycles. The Ferrule-Lock design maintained clamp load over the entire 3000 cycles while all other tested fasteners lost significant clamping force.

These tests were performed using the Junkers test principle. We set the amplitude to 10% of the bolt diameter, and vibrated at a speed of 12.5 Hz. A load cell placed under the head of the bolt measured the clamp load during the cycles. The Ferrule-Lock product was tested against leading vibration resistant fasteners with fantastic results.

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